I am a Ph.D. candidate in computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 2014. I have the pleasure of working with Hyesoon Kim and my lab-mates in HPArch group. Our group’s research is focused on computer architecture. Specifically, I have worked on 3D-stacked memories, processing in memory (PIM), and machine learning. Currently, I am working on enabling edge and IoT devices (i.e., resource-constrained devices, robots, drones) to execute deep neural networks (DNNs) collaboratively, efficiently, securely, and reliably.

More About Me!

I received my bachelor’s degree from the Sharif University of Technology in electrical engineering, and my master’s degree from Georgia Tech in computer science. In high school, I fell in love with astrophysics and won a silver medal in the International Olympiad of Astrophysics and Astronomy in 2009 (3rd IOAA). I started to study computer architecture because I wanted to understand how 0s and 1s eventually created computers. Fortunately, I am still derived from the same curiosity every day.

I support Linux, open-source software, free Internet, and right to repair. I love board and video games. I crave to play post-rock someday. I enjoy spending my time in nature. I play squash, tennis, ping pong, soccer, do rock climbing (bouldering specifically), and backpacking.


  • [Nov’20] Our paper titled Quantifying the Design-Space Tradeoffs in Autonomous Drones has been accepted to ASPLOS’21.

  • [Oct’20] Our paper about intelligent accelerating sparse gathering for scaling recommendation systems is accepted to HPCA’21.

  • [Aug’20] Our paper about scalable systolic array implementation for deep learning is accepted to ICCD’20.

  • [April’20] CS 4290 (Summer20): I am teaching high-performance computer architecture this summer. You can check the website. Feel free to shot me an email if you have any questions.

  • [Mar’20] PiZeroW: I built a Pi Zero temperature monitoring with a webserver plus a Network-Wide ad Blocker, you can find the code here. Interesting that with a single core my PiZero can run two webservers (pi-hole + dash), a DNS resolver with 2M domains on the blacklist updated every day, and a temperature logger with OLED updating every 30 seconds. However, people still rely on remote servers to do these simple tasks.

  • [Mar’20] Our paper about systolic array implementation for deep learning is accepted to FCCM’20.

  • [Feb’20] We have two new works on drones one at CogArch workshop, another at ISPASS as a poster.

  • [Feb’20] Our paper about efficient SLAM implementation is accepted to DAC’20.

  • [Jan’20] My paper got accepted to IoT Journal.

  • [Dec’19] HpArch Undergraduate Research website is up! Check Drone Demo and Robots Demo.

  • [Nov’19] Excited that papers that I have helped with have been accepted to HPCA, ASPLOS, and DATE, publication.

  • [Nov’19] IISWC’19 Best Paper Nominee: Our paper about characterizing edge devices for DNN execution is in the best paper session. Check publication list for the paper and EdgeBench.

  • [Oct’19] SRC Bronze Winner ESWEEK’19: Nima won SRC Bronze Winner at ESWEEK for his paper about SLAM Performance on Embedded Robots! Check the publication list for the paper.

  • [Sep’19] FPL’19 Demo: Check our demo here.

  • [April’19] Undergraduate Research: I am looking for undergraduates to work with me in our group. My research covers interdisciplinary areas: Architecture, robotics, ML, and systems. Any skill in EE and CS would be a good starting point to join us. We always try to find venues for our undergraduates to publish their work. Please send me an email if you are interested or if you want more about the projects. You will be working with Hyesoon, Jiashen, and me. Current list of people.

  • [April’19] CS 4290 (Summer19): I will be teaching high-performance computer architecture summer 19 (CS4290). Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. Everything in the course is the same as CS 6290/ECE 4100/ECE 6100.

  • [March’19] SysML’19 Demo: Check our demo here.