More About Me

Career Path

At, I embrace a role that’s as varied as it is fulfilling. Here, my day-to-day involves working on the realization of our AI accelerator architecture, breaking the memory wall with compute in memory, radical hardware-software codesign for several machine learning workloads from attention in LLMs to various convolutions in CNNs, and technical presentation and customer interactions. What I appreciate most about working in a startup environment is the opportunity it gives me to wear different hats. This diversity in my role not only aligns with my existing skills in areas like hardware-software codesign and machine learning but also challenges me to grow, especially in new aspects of in ML compilers, new technologies and designs, and society needs. I enjoy the balance of applying what I know and being pushed to learn more, ensuring that each day brings a new aspect of my expertise into play.

Before, I worked as a machine learning researcher at SK hynix, where I focused on the intersection of hardware, software, and CMOS image sensors (CIS) to enable efficient execution of cutting-edge computer vision workloads. Later, at SK hynix, I worked on the hardware-software codesign for implementating compression algorithms (LZ4 and ZSTD) in computational solid-state drives (SSD).

In 2018, I also had the enriching experience of being a Software Engineering Intern at Google, specifically with the Video Understanding Team. There, I contributed to the design of DNN models for analyzing YouTube video content, a role that enhanced my expertise in machine learning and video analytics in a practical, high-impact setting.

Academic Background

I got my Ph.D. and Masters’s degrees in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I had the pleasure to work with Professor Hyesoon Kim at HPArch lab. My research interests lie within computer architecture, but I am always eager to explore new areas. Specifically, I have worked on processing in and near memory, edge devices, robotics, and deep learning. My thesis focused on enabling edge and IoT devices (i.e., resource-constrained devices, robots, and drones) to execute deep neural networks (DNNs) collaboratively, efficiently, securely, and reliably. I am excited to continue this work in industry and explore new ways of pushing the boundaries of edge systems.

My academic journey began at the Sharif University of Technology, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. In my senior year, I took on a significant role, managing our Microprocessor Systems Laboratory (MicroLab). This lab was a pivotal resource for undergraduates, being the only place offering access to advanced FPGA boards, MCUs, and processors beyond the basic 8051 model. Working with a range of technologies, from Altera to Xilinx FPGA boards, alongside robotics, microprocessors, and microcontrollers, was a defining experience. It deeply influenced my career path, steering me towards a focus in computer architecture.

Early Inspirations and Interests

Astronomy captivated me during my high school years, leading to significant achievements in national and international olympiads, including two silver and one gold medal at the IOAA. Unlike other disciplines such as mathematics or chemistry, astronomy was not a standard part of high school curriculums. This gap compelled me to embark on a self-learning journey, where I had to seek out resources independently, establish a community, and teach myself. This early experience in self-education not only fueled my passion for astronomy but also instilled in me a lifelong habit of self-directed learning. This skill has been invaluable, enabling me to seamlessly transition into electronics and computer science, and continues to be a cornerstone of my personal and professional development.

Personal Pursuits

In my leisure time, I spend time on board games or grand strategy games by Paradox Interactive to hands-on maintenance of my car, I find joy in a variety of activities. This includes figuring out and teaching myself new skills, like designing custom boards with sensors, fixing an oil-fired boiler, and wood working. These DIY projects not only satisfy my curiosity but also resonate with my advocacy for open-source software, free internet, and the right to repair. I aspire to play post-rock music. Nature also offers me solace, and I pursue outdoor sports like squash, tennis, ping pong, soccer, rock climbing (especially bouldering), cycling, skiing, and backpacking.